Executive Summary | About Me

          In May 2021, I will graduate from the University of Arkansas with my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. My studies have a concentration in advertising and public relations. I will also obtain a minor in Marketing from the Walton College of Business.

          During my four years at the University of Arkansas, I was privileged to have many opportunities to gain work experience and expand my portfolio, starting with my coursework. I was able to take project-based classes such as Creative Strategy, Account Planning, and Public Relations Writing where I produced deliverables, consumer research reports, and client books. These classes thoroughly developed my ability to conduct research, write comfortably in AP Style, and my competency in working in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). You can view this work on my “Coursework” page of my portfolio.

          I am currently the social media manager for NEXXT Women, a life-coaching women's group. NEXXT has granted me the opportunity to participate in strategizing a brand launch, developing social media strategy, and creating engaging content for the NEXXT Women Instagram (@nexxtwomen). I also work at Main Hill Media, the university’s student-run advertising agency. At Main Hill Media, I worked as an account executive, managing clients, making sales calls, and gathering leads for our agency. I was promoted later to Creative Manager, where I ran our team of graphic designers and delegated our creative projects. My work was not only internal, as I was able to collaborate and work closely with the other student media outlets on various projects. My primary client was the University of Arkansas’s Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS), and I managed its social media engagement for 3 years. You can view the creative content I created under the “Main Hill Media” page of my portfolio.

          Additionally, I was a member of Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) for all four years while at the university. In 2020, I had the privilege to serve as my chapter’s Director of Public Relations. I worked closely with the Vice President of Marketing and the Digital Marketing Specialist to ensure that our recruitment efforts and social media presence encapsulated our individual chapter and maintained ADPi’s national brand. I was responsible for creating all of our promotional material that appeared on our social media outlets, as well as creating public relations campaigns, writing newsletters for alumnae, and creating email newsletters for our chapter. You can view all of my content for ADPi under the “Alpha Delta Pi” page of my portfolio.


If you have any questions about my experience or work, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.